a simpler web

loop/recur designs and develops web applications and technologies.

Smooth is fast. We use techniques like functional programming and declarative constraints to deliver software at a new level of efficiency. We confront technical complexity at its roots to keep your products shipping flawlessly in less time than you thought possible.

We simplifiy the web from the world’s techiest city, San Francisco, CA with an outpost in Amsterdam, NL.

Past clients include big names like:

The tech community is our wheelhouse.

We're speakers, teachers, and preachers of the gospel of functional programming and best practices. We host conferences, write tutorials, and release audio and video relating to what's happening and what's about to happen in tech.

Our team is behind the organization of the popular Forward Conference series, and SFJS, the bay area's biggest JS meet-up. We also produce a lighter look at tech trends in the "Pull to Refresh" podcast.

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